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About Premier Property Tax
Premier Property Tax is a firm dedicated to customer service and continues to provide the great service that we have built our reputation on, which include:

*  Excellent Customer Service    *  Leading Edge Technology    *  Extensive CE & Industry Training
                                     *  Prompt Response Time & Frequent Updates  

Premier Property Tax focuses on clients that are truly in need of appeal & consulting services.  Rather than accept any client, we protest accounts that we feel have potential for tax savings.  This practice allows us to spend more time on each individual account rather than filing mass protests in hopes that we receive minor reductions on a large majority.  We know that the best property tax consultant is an informed one and this practice allows us the time & attention needed to put together a strong case for each individual client. 

Our employees & associates each possess many years in both the tax consulting industry & the real estate industry and are required to maintain annual Continuing Education to make certain that they possess the latest and most effective knowledge.

Premier Property Tax has handled thousands of appeals before the Appraisal Review Board and are not only familiar with the entire hearing process but maintain excellent relationships with the Appraisal Districts.  Our integrity is among the highests with the government tax authorities; they know that we will not waste their time and that our consultants will show up prepared & well documented.

Our expertise lies in all types of residential & commercial property tax value negotiations including office buildings, hotels, warehouses, apartments, retail, industrial, hospitals and land.

It just makes sense to constantly monitor and control property taxes on an annual & ongoing basis.  Let our firm take the stress out of it for you. Give us a call today and allow us to develop a program that fits your needs.

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